Hi there! my name is Dwayne, I am the Sydney Trail Runner. In late 2015 after a few years of break from running I came across a YouTube video about this runnScreen Shot 2016-10-29 at 11.22.38 AM.pnging discipline known as Ultra Running. Whilst it seemed completely crazy to push your mind and body over such a distance, the thought of achieving such a feat proved too tempting to pass up. What I couldn’t have expected is the amazing people, love of the wilderness, and happiness ultra running brought. Upon embarking on this journey I started an Instagram account @sydneytrailrunner to capture everything I was experiencing, and to my surprise the account took flight, helping other aspiring runners challenge their limits. Like my Instagram account this blog is my way to share this amazing sport with the world. The blog will feature my progression, races reviews, cool new products and the inspiring people I meet along the way.