The cool, crisp touch of the morning air awakes you as you set off on your run. Whilst the city sleeps, tucked up in the warmth of their blankets, you take to the trails. It’s quiet, and the only sound is that of your breathing and the dirt under your feet. As the sun begins to kiss the horizon, a glimmer of light guides you down the trail. This feeling of peace and solitude is hard to explain, but oh does it calm the soul.

As we set off on our daily run, we embark on a journey that so few experience. This connection with nature is something only understood by the runner.

Last year, in a journey to progress as a runner, and challenge myself to achieve goals far beyond what I thought was possible, somewhere along the way I got lost in the process. My training proved a great success and aided in helping me achieve many goals, but what I lost was that love for the trails and the nature I was inadvertently missing out on.

So how did this happen?

In my instance the drive to succeed took over, and the peaceful run down the trail became a strategic process in my plan to progress. Whilst I don’t regret the passion and drive I had, to lose weight, strengthen my core and build my endurance, I only wonder how many amazing views, beautiful experiences, and moments of solitude I missed out on.

But how can someone train hard to achieve, and enjoy every moment?

In 2017, whilst my friends sort out resolutions, I embarked on a new journey to experience and embrace the little things. That point in your run when you reach an amazing view, or the Lizard on the side of the trail, that watches you as you run past. The amazing people that join me each week at my many run clubs. Who are they? What drives them to embark on this crazy journey to ultra endurance running? What gets them up in morning?


2017 is to be the year of appreciation. A year that gives me perspective.


How did your year pan out? Was injury your downfall, or did you simply love every last minute?

Understanding the importance of this amazing gift we have as runners, is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. This simple philosophy is also so prevalent in everyday life, and often lost in our race to work hard, and or raise our family. On my walk to work from the bus stop just last week, I noticed a tourist taking a photo on York St in the Sydney CBD. I stopped and wondered what on earth he was doing, what could he possibly be taking a photo of? It was then that I looked up and saw the QVB (Queen Victoria Building). A building I had seen and walked through countless times, but never had I seen it like this, it was simply breathtaking. Despite walking this same route to work each and every day, I’d never once thought to look up, and take in the beauty that is this amazing building.

It’s funny how easily we get lost in the race that is life. But even easier is the ability to slow down and take it all in. So instead of making unrealistic or silly resolutions for this year, let’s just enjoy every moment, our family, job, friends, the world around us, and most importantly the amazing trails we fly down each and every day.

If you see me out on the trails, or at the weekly run club, come say hi, I’d love to get to know more about you, and your wonderful journey to ultra.


Sydney Trail Runner