Adventure is in our very DNA, it’s what gives us motivation to climb that little bit higher, run that little bit farther and dive head first into an unknown world of excitement, risk and uncertainty. From the moment we can walk, we begin to challenge our limits, whether it’s climbing a tree, skateboarding down the steepest street in the neighbourhood, or even running around the block as fast as our little legs can take us. Adventure is a part of who we are. As we get older, and life begins to take us in different directions, that thrill of the unknown can get lost inside of us and take a back seat.

“Adventure is a part of who we are” 

Whilst Ultra Running has taken my life in a new and exciting direction, my inspiration and motivation to try new things has never been higher than it is now.

Two weeks ago, the crew at The North Face sent me an invite, it was a celebration of 50 Years of The North Face, and in true Never Stop Exploring spirit, each night would screen a new and inspiring adventure film. The party was a look back on 50 years of adventure and achievement, and a chance for adventurers from all walks of life to come together and enjoy all that is The North Face. It was inspiring to meet many new friends, and listen to the stories of athletes who have achieved what many only dream to do.

The first night was easily summarised in one word, Incredible! The feature film, took us on the adventure of a lifetime, as two Aussie boys – James Castrission and Justin Jones Kayaked from the east coast of Australia to the shores of New Zealand. If that wasn’t enough, they then set out to be the first people to cross Antarctica to the South Pole and return unassisted. What hit me hardest was their pure determination to achieve something believed to be impossible. These were two normal guys, who had a dream, and they made it a reality. The level of pain and fatigue they experienced was nothing short of ridiculous, and takes you through a diverse range of emotions.

Upon the completion of the film, I got the opportunity to speak with Justin. Whilst we chatted about life, upcoming explorations, and what motivates him, the experience left me wondering, what am I capable of? What could I achieve if I put my mind to work?

The second night shifted the focus to mountaineering and the ascent of what was widely regarded as the toughest climb in the world, Meru. The story of the ascent of the ‘Shark’s Fin’ route of Meru in the Indian Himalayas is one of greatest adventure films I’ve ever seen, and proved to me that anything is possible, if you want it bad enough. That night I met and spoke with of Australia’s most experienced climbers. His stories were awe inspiring, captivating, and most of all motivating. To have summited Everest on multiple occasions, and live to tell the tale is something of legend.

“His stories were awe inspiring, captivating, and most of all motivating” 

The third night took us on a journey back in time, as we explored the very routes of rock climbing and the evolution of the sport. The world was a simpler place, the war was over, and American’s looked to the wilderness for adventure and a new life. In the Yosemite National park, a subculture of adventures carved a new way to explore and in doing so cemented their stories into the history books.

Each night was a different experience, comprised of amazing and highly motivating characters, each there to celebrate one thing. Adventure!

So what did I take from the three night celebration?

The world we live in is an amazing place, bursting with opportunity. Don’t get comfortable, don’t sit back and watch the pages of history turn whilst others push the very fabric of possibility and adventure. We are only on this earth for a short time so take every minute and make an adventure of it. Find a mountain to climb, or a trail to run. Try something new and exciting. Don’t let fear or doubt get in the way of your dreams. This is your chance to be written into the history books, and with it you will look back with a smile. Knowing you have made the most of your time.