Sydney Trail Runner

Ultra Trail Runner Chasing A World Of Adventure

Honolulu Marathon 2016 | Hawaii

Slow Down And Appreciate Every Wonderful Moment

The cool, crisp touch of the morning air awakes you as you set off on your run. Whilst the city sleeps, tucked up in the warmth of their blankets, you take to the trails. It’s quiet, and the only sound... Continue Reading →

50 Years With The North Face

Adventure is in our very DNA, it’s what gives us motivation to climb that little bit higher, run that little bit farther and dive head first into an unknown world of excitement, risk and uncertainty. From the moment we can... Continue Reading →

Feetures Elite! | Product Review

Welcome to The Sydney Trail Runner

The North Face Ultra Cardiac | Product Review

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart….

Each and every runner hits that wall, that moment when you struggle to move any faster. Despite all the hard sessions you put in, you just can’t seem to progress to the next level. Let’s say for instance you’ve been... Continue Reading →

Train Smarter, Race Faster with Lactate Threshold Testing

Regardless if you are a newbie, competitive age grouper or elite athlete, the amount of time and effort put into training for your upcoming endurance event is pretty sizeable. It’s probably more than you can afford each week, but you... Continue Reading →

The Loneliest Sport Of All

I'm often asked by friends and colleagues if I ever get lonely whilst clocking up hundreds of kilometres in preparation for a race. Why not join a team sport, or a more social outlet they often say? Don't get me... Continue Reading →

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